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Posted by Troll on February 14, 2000 at 01:51:47:

In Reply to: Three-Year Old Daughter with Possible ADHD posted by Shelly on January 08, 2000 at 22:29:01:

: Please help! I have three daughters, ages 10, 3, and 1. My 10-yr-old is normal except for having a bad attitude, which I think most 10-yr-olds go through. My 1-yr-old doesn't give us a bit of problem. My 3-yr-old, however, has been giving us problems, in a major way, since she was born. She is very rambunctious, and we have a very hard time controlling her. We put her to bed between 8 and 8:30 at night, but she doesn't go to sleep until 11:30 or 12 most nights. She wakes up really early in the mornings and won't take much of a nap, if any, during the day. She stays with my mom and dad while I work, and even them two together can hardly control her. My mom calls me at work crying several times a week because of things that Jeanette (my 3-yr-old) does (flooding the bathroom, dumping ashes out of the fireplace, kicking and hitting, and numerous other things). We've tried all forms of punishment, but any punishment at all seems to make it worse instead of better.

: To get to my point, I recently took her to her pediatrician, and after doing a 4 page checksheet, the pediatritian and I feel real strongly that she is ADHD. I've taken her to a psychologist for evaluation. We've been one time so far and are scheduled to go back in a few weeks. My major problem is strong opposition from family members and others. I am hearing nothing but negative remarks about my having her tested. Even though mom and dad have such a hard time with her, they wouldn't even answer the "childcare" questionnaire for ADHD on Jeanette honestly because they are afraid of her possibly being put on medicine. No matter how strongly I say I feel about getting Jeanette properly diagnosed for her sake and for the sake of my other kids, it's as if I'm speaking to a brick wall when talking about this subject. How can I get the support that I need from my family and friends)? Please e-mail me, if possible. I would love to talk with others who have a child that is ADHD and hear some advice. Thanks for listening!

My gosh, you poor thing! I really feel for you. That's got to be hard. At the same time that I sympathize with you, I think that it really might be a difficult thing to determine if ADHD is causing this at 3 years of age. The reason I say that is that a child's basic personality isn't developed until about 4 or 5 years old. I think I'd be a little leery about medicating her just yet, although I understand your frustration and pain.I'd check EVERYTHING out to make sure that there's nothing else in the environment, etc. that might be causing it.

I have 2 boys with ADD/ADHD and I know what you're talking about - I love them dearly, but man they are something! I've suspected this for a a few years now (especially since I'm ADD), but my wife and I decided to wait until they went into school before even thinking seriously about getting them evaluated. So much can happen in those crucial developmental years, and it's hard to determine what she will be like by age 5 or 6 (or even 7). If it were me I think I'd just take note of the problems and inform the doctor, but not take action just yet.

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