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Posted by Linda on November 07, 2000 at 12:39:25:

In Reply to: Am I allergic to alcohol? posted by Caryn on November 02, 2000 at 15:15:59:

: Whenever I consume even a few sips of alcohol (I've only tried beer and wine) my arms and legs start to ache terribly and my heartbeat seems to become irregular. I first noticied this feeling when I was a child and took Nyquil for the first time, which tells you how little I need to consume to experience this effect. Because it makes me feel so bad, I've never had more than a few sips of alcohol at one time. Could this be an allergy or is it simply that I haven't built up a tolerance yet?

I don't know if you're allergic, you may just have a low tolerance. When I drink, also just a couple of sips, I feel increadibly ill. My face and body breaks out into red spoltches. I used to ignore it and continue drinking, but realized that's stupid, and that I may actually drop dead or something. I'm 24, and don't really drink anymore. It's hard being the sober one all the time. It's weird, but just last weekend, I tried vodka with cranberry juice, and nothing happened. A bartender told me that nothing happened b/c of the juice, apparently mixing stuff with soda goes straight to your head. In your case, of drinking wine and beer, do some research about histimines. Wine has histimines, which can cause headaches and the such. I too used to get sick from Nyquil, as well as any type of narcotic meds.

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