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Posted by Liz R on October 12, 2000 at 10:15:08:

In Reply to: Re: You are trivializing this by calling it a developmental disorder posted by i meant age appropriate SOCIAL behavior on October 11, 2000 at 14:10:50:

So - you don't think there would be anything out of the ordinary about a 6 month old who doesn't smile or make eye contact with other people. I think children under the age of 1 have quite a bit of social behavior. Believe me - I had forgotten what a normal baby was until my nephew was born. By the age of one, all three of my children were saying words. My daughter could say baby, ball, mommy and daddy by 10 months.
It has been frightening for me to witness over the past year how much more socially engaging an infant/toddler (my nephew) is than my 3 year old son.
Lets face it. Some kids show this from infancy. The diagnosis might come later. However, if they aren't progressing from the beginning, you can bet a diagnosis comes before 24 months if there is adequate medical care.
The only known cause for autism is inutero exposure to rubella is it not? This late onset autism that many of us are experiencing warrants further investigation.

Liz R

: SOCIAL behavior, that is
: : I don't believe you can establish a lack of age appropriate behavior at 6 weeks. You can establish metabolic disorder, infection, some types of poisoning, outright brain injury, some types of genetic defects, malnutrition, and other diseases that can lead to autism. If you can get an early diagnosis of a treatable disorder then you are luckier than some. But I challenge you to give the name of a doctor who has diagnosed a newborn as autistic. Sounds like something a kid would make up. Maybe you meant a doctor said the cause of the autism (diagnosed in toddlerhood) was likely present at or before birth.

: : : To no name,

: : : You sound a lot like the woman from my insurance company who trivialized this DISEASE by calling it a developmental disorder. Therefore, my insurance company is not obligated to pay for any of Joe's therapies bacause it is just a developmental delay.
: : : Some babies don't establish eye contact and do not respond to touch. These children slouch when they are held and do not progress. They are not the children who regress after a period of normal development. If an infant does not smile after 6 weeks and does not establish eye contact and age appropriate social behavior, a doctor could make a diagnosis so early intervention could be started.
: : : And as for a diagnosis at 24 months, many parents are lucky enough to get diagnoses at 15 or 18 months and get therapy underway before their children turn 2. Karen Seroussi and Catherine Maurice have both witten helpful books and have had positive outcomes in their families. These outcomes are the result of hard work and early diagnoses.

: : : Sincerely,

: : : Liz R

: :
: : : : There is no way that anyone can predict with certainty that damage at birth or viral infections will result in autism. It can't currently be diagnosed until the symptoms appear.

: : : : Viruses may just as easily result in any number of other brain disorders. A viral infection could even result in blindness or deafness.

: : : : I repeat, no one can say at birth "this child is autistic."

: : : : You are confusing the fact that many kinds of autism can have their roots in disorders at birth, with the fact that autism itself is defined as a set of developmental disorders.

: : : : A developmental disorder can't be diagnosed until the developmental milestone is past due, hence, it cannot be done at birth.

: : : : And I say baloney with regard to the comment you originally made, because there's enough nonsense being spread about this disorder. I can't believe there must be made room for etiquette over this kind of patent nonsense. (However, I really did not want to appear personally insulting to you, and I'm sorry I allowed myself to sound that way, but I did mean to be deprecating towards that comment, and the confusion it represents.)

: : : : I think you will find it is in your own best interests to ruthlessly defend against nonsense that trivializes this disorder. Bowing to it will only hurt your child in the long run.

: : : : : Before you go into rudely insulting anyone again, please get your facts right there are children who are actually diagnosed as autistic from birth.
: : : : : Autism is widely thought to have only two causes they are, damage AT BIRTH and VIRAL infection.
: : : : : next time don't be afraid to write your name when you chose to insult somebody that certainly knows a lot more than you so obviously DON'T.
: : : : : Best wishes,
: : : : : Margaret.

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