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Posted by Labs Testing info on September 09, 2000 at 17:34:43:

In Reply to: just found out posted by Lore on September 09, 2000 at 12:42:57:

You may want read more about Autism and the gluten (wheat) free / casein (dairy) free diet for your child. You can read more about it at
Here are a list of tests copied from the website. There is also a HUGE autism message board so you can talk to other parents!
Correct testing for supporting the need for the GFCF diet determines a "Food Intolerance" to gluten and casein through finding abnormal peptides in the urine. The test is not always accurate in determining the abnormal peptides. Some parents implement the diet before running the lab tests and see proof that the diet works without testing. Other parents may feel the need for testing to substantiate using the GFCF Diet as an intervention. We feel that because of the successful improvements seen in so many ASD children after strict adherance to the diet, a test is not always necessary. However, keep in mind that lab testing may help some parents make the decision and stick with the GFCF Diet.

We suggest that no matter what the results of the lab tests, whether or not you even have the lab test run, try the GFCF Diet. Many parents see dramatic changes the first few weeks.

Urine Peptide Testing

The following was copied from the Autism Research Unit's website and describes the urinary peptide testing:

"The biochemical research undertaken at the Unit subscribes to the theory that autism is the consequence of a metabolic disorder, whereby certain biologically active peptides derived mainly from gluten and/or casein in the diet are not broken down correctly, and through problems with the permeability of the gut, are present in the blood in much greater quantities than would normally be expected. The presence of these compounds in the blood would mean that they would tend to be collected in the kidneys and dumped in the urine; hence, the peptide content of urine would be to some extent, reflective of the content of the blood."

Autism Research Unit
Dr. Paul Shattock/ Paul Whitely
University of Sunderland
School of Health Sciences
Sunderland SR2 7EE, England
Tel:+44 0191 510 8922/ FAX: +44 0191 567 0420
Urine test for urinary peptides

AAL Reference Laboratories, Inc.
(affiliated with University of Sunderland)
Antibody Assay Labs
1715 E. Wilshire #715
Santa Ana, CA 92705
FAX 714-543-2034
Urine Peptide testing, serum IgA, IgG with subclasses Igm, anti-brain antibodies, anti- MBP (Myelin Basic protein), anti - NAFP (Neuro axil Filament Protein) Anti-serotomin, etc.

The National Hospital
Clinical Chemistry Section
Dept. of Pediatric Research
Rikshospitalet-The National Hospital
Pilestredet 32 N 0027
Oslo, Norway
Karl Reichelt, M.D., Ph.D., Director please note: results are taking 3 months at this time. We will let everyone know when Dr. Reichelt and his team are caught up on their testing.)
Phone +47-22-86-90-45
Fax: 47-22-86-91-17
The test can determine the quantity of the morphine-like proteins but not the source (gluten or casein). If you want the documentation on urinary peptides in your child, you could follow the instructions on page 144 of Shaw's book "Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD by Dr. Shaw and send the urine to Reichelt at the National Hospital of Norway in Oslo. (It's easier than it sounds to get it there and you'll get good results)

The Great Plains Lab
9335 West 75th St.
Overland Park, KS 66204
phone 913-341-8949
FAX 913-341-8949
Dr.William Shaw, Ph.D., Director
General Information and support:

Peptides Test for gluten/casein
Urine organic acid test
The tests requires doctor's request, but anyone can order the test kit and request their doctor to fill out a script for the specific test.

What is casomorphin? Casomorphin (or caseomorhin) is a peptide derived from the milk protein casein. Casein is one of the major proteins in the milk of all mammals including cows, goats, and humans. Dr. Reichelt in Norway, Dr. Cade at the University of Florida, and others found that urine samples from people with autism, PDD, celiac disease, and schizophrenia contained high amounts of the casomorphin peptide in the urine. We suspect that these peptides may also be elevated in other disorders such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and depression based on anecdotal reports of symptom remission after exclusion of wheat and dairy.

What is gliadorphin? Gliadorphin (or gluteomorphin) is a peptide derived from the wheat protein gluten. Other related grains such as rye, barley, and oats also contain the sequence of amino acids found in gluten. Gliadorphin is very similar to casomorphin. Gliadorphin has been verified by mass spectrometry techniques to be present in urine samples of children with autism. Continued text reference may be found at the following link:
The Great Plains Laboratory

Detecting anti-gliaden and anti-casein antibodies

Blood test (Gluten and Casein Screen)
Alletess Medical Laboratory
J. Robert Cade, MD & Malcolm Privette PA-C
216 Pleasant St.
Rockland, MA 02370

Additional Contact Info: Robert Cade, MD & Malcolm Privette PA-C
Departments of Medicine and Physiology
PO Box 100204
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32610-0204
Phone: 352-392-8952
Fax: 352-392-8481

Dr. Robert Cade, M.D. is affiliated with the University of Florida.
Anyone can have a "gluten and casein screen" test done by the Alletess Medical Laboratory. The blood test is for detecting anti-gliaden and anti-casein antibodies.

Testing for Antibody levels in the blood

The following labs determine immune system dysfunction. These tests must be ordered by a doctor.

Specialty Labs
Santa Monica, California
phone # 800-421-7110
Draw Anti-MBP test #1056 and Anti-Neuron Filament Protein antibodies test #1052 (blood test). This is a must test.

Dr. Vijendra Singh's
Biotechnology Center
Utah State University, UMC 4700
Logan, VT 84341
# 435 797-7193
Also performs same tests as Specialty Labs
Draw Anti-MBP test #1056 and Anti-Neuron Filament Protein antibodies test #1052 (blood test). This is a must test.
Email him a request with your telephone number or address to see his availability to perform the tests.

Testing for Yeast & More
Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab
Martin Lee. PhD, Director
63 Zillicoa Street Asheville, NC 28801
1- 800-522-4762
Food Allergy IgG & IgE profile
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis and Parasitology x 3 for parasites, digestive errors and yeast. Requires a doctor's request.

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