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Posted by sarah on August 28, 2000 at 01:07:21:

In Reply to: Re: How do I tell my son he's Autistic? posted by Greg on August 26, 2000 at 01:46:39:

: : My son is going to be 6 in Sept, and is starting kindergarten he is such a blessing he is beautiful,sensitive,creative,funny and a joy to be around(most of the time anyway). He does pretty good socially except for some odd behaviors that I am afraid may alienate him from the rest of the group. He contantly clears his throat and it sounds pretty gross. He also picks his nose and yes does the worst. We have tried to work on these things at home, but are going nowhere fast. Should we tell him he is Autistic so when other kids ask "whats wrong with him?" he knows he is different. I donot want him to feel bad and I don't want to tell the other kids without telling him. I beleive that would be disrespectful to him. And I beleive it could hurt his self-esteem. I know I would hate to be teased and not know there was something different about me. How do I do this in a positive way with out making him feel bad? He is very verbal and can read and shouldn't have any trouble with typical school work. Any suggestions would help.
: : Thanks, Amy Lucy
: :Amy I am not an expert, but my son is Autistic 7yrs old and going into the 2nd grade. He is also is verbal,funny,reads very well, and is some what social. But also has some outstanding differences. My wife and I worried about him when he first started school. Guess what the kids and teachers love him. He even had a best friend and a little blonde hair blue eyed girl friend that sat with him at every lunch. It was so funny to watch. He talked the whole time non stop. Stopping only to answer her,then went right back to his non stop flow of majic school bus or some other video tape or CD ROM. What I'm getting at is I dont think you will need to explain to him quite yet that he is Autistic. I am amazed at the things that children do with out Autisium,like picking there noses and many other some what gross things. Sometimes far worse that will get the attention of a teacher or aid. If you have a friend with a boy around your sons age talk to them if you don't find one. It has really helped me. Somethings that I thought were Autisic like,where about average for a non Autisic boy around his age. I wish you luck this next year. You will probably spend a good bit of time with administration explaining Autisum to them. Be careful they think they know whats best. But all Autistic kids are*not* the same. Hope you have a inclusion helper dedicated to your son. with my son it was a must. Good luck I'm sure he will do fine. Let me know how it goes Greg

Hi Amy Lucy

My son is 7 and goes to a special autistic unit attached to a local school. In the car the other day we were both talking about things and the opportunity came up to talk about his autism and what surprised me was that he knew already that he had autism and wasn't the least bit fazed. We have talked about autism in our house quite freely so I shouldn't be so surprised - these kids are often quite cluey! At the moment he is young I feel the challenges will be in the future (high school) - but what I am constantly told is how they are all different and they all do progress!!
Best wishes


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