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Re: what can i expect with AF at 25?

I want you to go to a search engine and type in [ removed - please do not post search instructions to find websites - if the website is allowed then you can get approval from Moderator1 to post the link - if the website is not allowed then posting any kind of information to find the website may lead to banning ] I also have pa disorder and I also have afib. I had my first pa attack in the military in 68 and I had my first afib attack when I was 35. I am now 60. The one thing I want you to know is that at your age the only thing you might have to worry about is a stroke, but since you are so young that is very unlikely. I was adviced to take a baby aspirin a day when I was your age. See if you can find them coated so they don't cause any stomach problems. These will act as a blood thinner. As I say you are very young, but I also was young at that time. Whether you are having a pa attack or afib, it is just about the most fearful feeling in the world. If you begin hyperventalateing (sp), breath into a paper bag. It will equalize the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide levels in your body,

With the Afib I am sure it comes and goes. Meaning it is not happening all of the time. Don't drink alcohol, chocoltate, any caffine, or anything with caffiene. One thing that can help to stop the aib is to sit on the toilet and attempt to force a bowl movement. I know it sounds silly but for some it will work. It does for a friend of mine, but doesn't for me. If your pulse gets extrememly high 125+, I would have someone to take you to the ER. Otherwise, just lie down and try to let it pass. You really need to see a doctor about both of these, but the one thing I want you to remember is you are not going to die. It just feels like it. If you are overweight begin losing it and also stop smoking if you are do so. - sam

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