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Effects of gaining and your skin

I have lots of scarring on my back. it looks like strips underneath the skin have been lost. these scars can range from half an inch to two inches long. I have not lost or gained a larger amount of weight and though i suspect they are stretch marks due to getting taller during my teenage years, they really dont look like stretch marks at all. There is one odd thing about these marks that makes me wonder if they CAN be helped to appear a little less severe...

When I stretch the skin on my back near my surrounding scars the appearence of my scars are greatly diminished. Even under the brightest light if my skin is stretched the scars are hard to spot (and my scars are VERY obvious under this light). Is it possible that if i were to gain some mass on my back, would this filling out stretch the skin thus lessening the scars much in the way of stretching the surrounding skin as mentioned above? Im a very very thin guy (120 lbs at 6'1 height if that tells ya anything) so i have a LOT of mass to gain. Please let me know your feelings on this. Anyone here have dents in their skin that lessened after gaining muscle or fat? Please let me know, im very depressed about this and would love to hear your thoughts.
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