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Re: The other side of high cholesterol

I can attest to the fact that a person can take from one to two grams of ascorbic acid a day for TWO DECADES while developing arterial blockages to the point of almost complete totality. I am, of course speaking of myself.
Vitamin C for the reduction of plaque is a complete and utter fraud.

Can ANYONE honestly believe that 1500 mg per day over a short trial caused the diminution of plaque in 1954 and it has remained an unused remedy? Please tell me nobody can actually believe that without believing in the tooth fairy. Can someone also tell me how the shrinking plaque was even DETERMINED with 1954 technology. What did they do, WEIGH patients to see if they lost plaque?
As for the horrid DRUG CABAL and the cult of secrecy; in this light how do you explain EVERYBODY being told to take unpatentable aspirin which is probably the very best cardiac drug in the pharmacopia. Wouldn't you expect the "secrets" of aspirin therapy to be held in same hidden vaults that the Vitamin C cure-all treatment is...buried deep under the Alps?

A test of ones strong belief in this therapy is when someone near and dear is facing congestive heart failure and multiple blockages/heart attacks. Will such a person dismiss his or his friend's doctors and buy a few 1000 tablet bottles of high dose Vitamin C? OR pray to the tooth fairy?

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