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Re: The other side of high cholesterol


Are statins a complete and utter fraud because I personally experienced severe side-effects with them? I don't believe so, nor do I think anyone does. They clearly benefit high-risk, middle-aged males with a number of risk factors.

I understand your disbelief in vitamin-c and I'm sorry you ran into such serious CHD problems - hope you recover fully.

But there are a number of us who don't believe in statins either - and think their benefits have been inflated, their risks downplayed, and that they are flagrantly over-prescribed.

The verdict on statins is far from over - despite the fact that they are riding the crest right now. I still maintain that no study has ever indicated a longer lifespan for those taking statins versus those who don't. I also don't think anyone has shown a clear, definitive relation between cholesterol level and CHD. Very high cholesterol, and very low cholesterol seem to be clearly bad for you - in between is a gray zone. If there were such a definitive link between cholesterol and CHD, then 40% of heart attack victims would not have 'normal' cholesterol levels, but they do. Swedes have higher cholesterol levels than Americans, but a lower level of CHD... and on, and on, and on....
And I do steadfastly maintain that there are real and serious financial conflicts of interest between those certifying the safety of drugs, and the pharmaceuticals. So evidently does the U.S. Congress...

In any event, I'll never convince you that statins can be bad for a lot of people, and you'll never convince me that they're as good as they are touted to be. Time and further research will be the jury on this one. I for one am anxiously awaiting results of Dr. Golumb's UCSD Statin Study to shed more light on the side-effects of statins...

I respect your opinion, and hope statins work wonders for you.

I for one have been relatively free of CHD thus far, (at 51) and intend to stay so, but not by taking statins. Convince me that Baycol, Vioxx, and Celebrex problems were not known by the pharmaceuticals long ago, and that their recall is not indicative of a systemic problem with the drug approval process, and I'll reconsider my position.