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Question costochondritis???

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I was getting these really sharp pains in my upper ribs around my left breast. They are really painful. It is a really sharp pain like a cramp and subsides after a few minutes. The doctor told me that the muscles in between my ribs were inflamed so he prescribed 800 mgs of Skelaxin (muscle relaxer) and told me to take Advil to help with the inflamation. I was just wondering if I have costochondritis. I have researched this online and I seem to have all or most of the symptoms.
The Dr. said I am suppossed to take 1 800 mg. Skelaxin pill 3 times a day which I think is crazy!!! I'm 24 and I'm about 5'2 an not very heavy by any means so, I feel like that is too much to take so, I've been taking it when ever I start to get a pain or sometimes Tylenol and then I take Advil in between (no more than the recomended dose). Sometimes the pain is so bad that I end up crying because it hurts so bad. I personally think it sounds like costochondritis but, I'd like someone else's opinion.


P.S. I don't have fibromyalgia but, I didn't know where else to post at. Sorry.
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