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i agree...adkins (low carb) did wonders for my skin. I am almost 29 and have had cystic acne around mouth and chin for about the last 5 years. I have tried almost everything except accutane. Finally i tried adkin's, not neccessarily to lose weight but to see if i had the will power my hubby has, and what do you know my skin cleared up. i do find it really hard to maintain the low carb lifestyle. i did lose 11 pounds and got clear skin. lately i have eaten more carbs and my skin did break out....i dont think it is coincidence. i am going to start low carbing now because i am going to go on vacation to puerta vallarta mexico in 2 weeks and i want to look good in a swim suit and have clear skin. wish me luck....mighty!! PS.... NO KIDS FOR A WEEK!!!

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