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Re: GERD Sufferers..I feel good...let me tell you why...

Thank you Bluepumbkin for your info and glad that you are better. I too do not believe PPI's work. (They may help some but not my experience) As you, my mother has been tested & tested there is nothing else wrong with her. She is so sick. She has gastritis for over 1 1/2 years and can get no relief or nothing seems to help. She too has tried many PPI's and Nexium with not avail. We have been taking magnesium for over 10 years and understand the benefit of them. They r nothelp with her stomach. It does help her with BM as she is not able to eat a proper diet. What am I talking about??? She cannot hardly eat anthing as when she eats it activates her acid (no matter what kind of food or drink Acid/Alcaline) and she feels ill and gets gas. She cannot live a normal life and is too thin (105lbs today). I worry so much about her as I watch her suffer. We tried a couple cubes of cooked squash & it was a bad reaction. It is the quanitiy of food also that gets her. She can only tolerate bread, milk, 1/2 banana bit of cream of wheat mixed with water. Mastic gum did not work. DGL was awful and she could not tolerate it. If someone cannot take PPi's what else is out there that can't assist with the stomach acid?How do you heal a stomach lining if you need to put food in it all the time to live and it cannot heal? How do you get better if you cannot nourish your self with food and get energy? I am glad magesium is helping people with other conditions. Keep taking it. Thank you all. T

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