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Re: GERD Sufferers..I feel good...let me tell you why...

I don't know exactly what your Mom is suffering from so this is just a suggestion. I assume she has been tested for a motility problem. Food staying in the stomach too long. As long as the food is there the acid will be produced. It is the acid in the stomach produces that is the culprit. Has she tried something to increase the motility in her stomach. I use something called Motilium which is not availble in the US but is available overseas over the counter. It has been on the market for years and it very reasonable. It does the same thing that Reglan does but costs about 50cents a pill unlike Reglan. I cannot give you a website because of site rules here but you can find it on the web. My Dr. knows I use it and has not problem with it. He just said there is no money in it to bring to market here. I assume you mother has been completely checked for H.pylori and gone thru that treatment. My biopsies were negative for it but my Dr. was still sure I had it so I did the treatment and it helped tremendously. Good luck. PPI's only treat the symptoms, not the problem.