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Angry ok...i have ptsd, its untreated now, &I have serious nightmares please help..

Does anyone else with ptsd have serious nightmares even being a adult? I turn 24 tommorow, and feel like a kid with this problem. I used to be able to handle horror movies and all kinds of stuff, but since I saw dawn of the dead, I have been reliving it in my nightmares, and cant stop. Anyone out there know what can be causing this, and be able to help? I sometimes sleep with my window open, and when I wake up I get so scared I cant even close it. I also have nightmares about my dad at this point, (Iwas told he was part of the reason for this disorder that I had), and child hood abuse. Is there any way to remidy this, should I get on meds again? what meds help? what kind of therapy helps? thank you for letting me post and get this off my chest, and please, dont think im weird...just being honest i guess.
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