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Re: Lupus Cellulitis

Oh, Leslie: not what you need. Years back, when my recurrent rashes had just started turning into big circles on my arms & back, I ran into a woman with the same rash. We gawked at each other's exposed arms, & immediately started talking.

So when I read your latest post, I just remembered the most visible problem that woman was then battling: crusty, brownish red, swollen, oozing, itchy ears, both sides, finally Dx'ed as Cellulitis. She'd been on Prednisone for some time. Her course of treatment was daily IV antibiotics for a month, then *maybe* a second course. It's been some years, and I can't remember the particular antibiotic or the total duration.

I know she did a LOT with her hair, changing colors, etc. And had multiple ear pinna piercings. I remember our discussing any possible correlations but not knowing WHAT, for sure, could be doing this to her. I think her drs. had speculated about the immune suppression effects of extended Prednisone usage.

I really hope your drs. have led you to the most effective course of action on this first try. Best wishes to you, as always, Vee HANG IN THERE!