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Re: Feeling Weird. Really Worried.

if you really feel this is a much more urgent issue,going to the er may be an really do need to have some pretty in depth blood work ups done to check the blood for anything out of the norm that could be there as a result of the environmental atmosphere you were working in.Depending on how well this place was ventilated would be the real issue as far as any accumulated toxins that may be inside of your body.

i would actually contact OSHA.this place actually governs the workplace and any actul safety or work/health is a governmental entity that should be listed in the phone book under governmental listings.I really would give them a call first before doing anything to see just what they reccomend,they would also be able to answer any questions actually related to your workplace environment.If the place you were woking at has any issues that are not up to par,such as the lack of good ventilation,they could be given a fine that they will HAVE to pay and also pay to have the workplace problems fixed.

This would really be the best first step here.they will be able to tell you in much more exact terms just what your rights are and what to do as far as more specific testing.Just give them a call tomorrow and explain your current situation.this could be related to your working conditions or it could be totally unrelated,but at any rate,you need to find the reason for your ongoing symptoms.I do hope you can get this all resolved soon.FB