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Best U.S./Canadian Doctors for LPR

I thought it would be helpful to have a thread about the doctors who really know LPR and who have been the most useful to us. Just list the name and city and state of any doctors that you would like to recommend to others in this community. Feel free to tell us why.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
Dr. Sataloff - Have not been to him specifically, but have seen his partner who is just as good. I believe the practice was started by Sataloff, and just yesterday had another doctor tell me that Satalof is known for being an ENT, but thinking like a gastroenterologist (or thinks he is a gastroenterologist). Whatever he said, that's the kind of doctor an LPR patient needs. Huge reputation. 90% of practice is laryngeal patients.

Dr. Karen Lyons (Dr. Sataloff's partner). Used to practice surgery, but now does office visits only. Wonderful, compassionate, thorough, and gives you lots of time. Terrific doctor in every way. Knows LPR inside and out.

Dr. David Katzka (UPENN Gastroenterologist): Considered to be very conservative (does not push surgery) and is very easy to talk to. Is a gastro, but I believe he's in charge of the UPENN Swallowing Center. Only problem is getting in to see him - if you have an immediate problem, he's not available. The wait is typically 2-5 months for an appointment unless you keep calling daily to inquire about cancellations.

New York City:
Dr. Anthony Jahn - ENT, I thought he is pretty good - well known for working with singers and he advocates alternative therapties like accupuncture along with PPIs for LPR. I only saw him once, but if you have United Health Care, like me, and can't get in to see any of the other top LPR docs, he may be one of your best choices.

New Haven, CT:
Eugenia Vining - Wonderful lady who I belive was also president of the Connecticut ENT Association. She was the first to diagnose my LPR and recommended the right medicatiion right off the bat. There's a long wait for appointments with her.

In addition, I have the following names have come up repeatedly in my search for an LPR doctor:
1. Dr. Michael Goldrich, Edison/Highland Park, NJ. Recommended by Westminster Choir College in Princeton for students with voice problems. The only doctor I've found in central Jersey who regularaly sees LPR patients, but doesn't accept my insurance.

2. Dr. Peak Woo, NYC, Also recommended by Westminster Choir College. Listed in Top Doctors. Ran the laryngeal neuropathy study I discussed in another thread.

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