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Question how about the physical symptons?

I have been diagnosed a bipolar case five years ago. The diagnose was a relief and explained a lot. It was the missing key to everything. The medication, lithium and seroquel, worked well and didn't cause too many side effects. I was a typical bipolar with typical symptoms until I brought up my unexplained physical symptoms in my bipolar support group and nobody else had ever had anything like I had.
Every now and then I get really extremely tired and feel really weak and ill. It hits like a rock from above. My body temperature rises a little and I have pain all over my body.(no cold or flu involved). This happens perhaps once in two months. I better just lie down and wait till its over, if possible, which may take a couple of days. My mood does not turn to depresson, I can plan what I do when I am better again or design furniture, paintings or just christmas decoration or whatever in my mind. If I would feel depressed the way I understand depression, I couldnt think of anything creative and least likely the future, cause right then I wouldnt feel like I have one.
Anyway, it's this extreme fatigue without hopelessness or suicidal thoughts that bothers me. My group, after seeing me like that once, told me I should see a doctor. It was nothing they had ever been through. Yet my doctor tells me I'm depressed! And I can't remember having mania or anything just before. Can sometimes only my body be depressed? Has anyone else had this "physical depression"? Cause it really scares me when it hits me.