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Re: Facing Surgery for Papillary Thyroid Cancer

I went thru. the same thing as you 2 years ago. I had a positive FNA for pappillary thyroid cancer, a total thyroidectomy. That was an overnight in the hospital for me, I was walking around within 2 hours after surgery, went to a family event two days later. I had an achey throat, didn't need painkillers. I didn't have real pain --- just a tight feeling.

I didn't take any medication (should have insisted on cytomel until 2 weeks before RAI) and went too hypo for too long---5-6 weeks, when the whole thing should have taken 3-4 weeks---paperwork screw ups and miscommunications. There are many who are on cytomel and function very well all the way thru. I functioned---drove, worked out of the house, etc., but I was really very lethargic by week 4.5.

I had a very large dose of RAI (175 mci--most have up to 150), stayed away from my kids for a week, then went on medication after 3 days, and it took a few months to regulate the medication to where I felt completely normal, and now I feel just fine.

I know how horrid it is to know you have cancer, but this does not behave like other cancers, it's slow growing and it's curable.....and a positive outlook on this goes a long way.....I did very will too.