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Unhappy More And More Depressed

I have been on several of the boards, but have not been on for a while. I am starting to feel more and more depression to add to my other problems In January my Fibromyalgia dx was confirmed along with several other things. My doc put me on depression med to help me sleep along with other meds. The thing is my family tries to be supportive...but some times I think they expect too much from me...or not liking the idea that I am sick....not sure. To top it off, my son joined the army and is in Korea....he was home for 20 days this summer and I felt great, most of the time (depression wise, anyway). Now I'm finding out that he may be going somewhere else besides here when his tour is over...that makes me very sad and I think my depression will be worse if that is the then my other ailments will kick in and will be uncontrolable, and that scares me. I'm not asking for advise, I just know that the healthboards have been so helpful, and I just need to vent sometimes.
My husband and I have kind of grown up together....along with our we are very close, I think it is hard for him sometimes to know that I'm sick, because we have always had each other to fall back on. The other day I was at a lunch with my mom and aunts, one of my aunts brought up the fact that she doesn't think I get much support or understanding at home. It did hurt my feelings, but now I think she had a point!! I don't know if that is good or bad.
I do think I need to get a little more help for my depression, because the more I'm depressed the more I hurt!!!!

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