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Re: OK heres the letter about Lyme's

wow standish- this is AWESOME!!!! I was wondering if this would come soon. The link to current events helps too. I wonder if you (or someone) could use it to post to UTube. That site gets more hits per day than anywhere! I will try and think of ways to use it as well. I am having that meeting with my co-worker next week to try and influence his nuro intern wife. I will use your letter as an outline for our discussion.
Thanks so much!

One other thing, I saw on the web that Bush signed legislation in 2002 that addressed Lyme diagnosis and asked the CDC to:
  1. develop an accurate test for diagnosis
  2. revise their surveillance case definition so tere is an accurate understanding of the growth of the disease (thus $$ to fight it)
  3. encourages CDC to broaden their range of scientific viewpoint including community based clinicians
  4. NIH appropriate committees for lyme studies and representation and encouraged to accept broad range of viewpoints
  5. Social Security administration encouraged to develop educational materials for SSA employees to help them understand the debilitating effects Lyme can have. Again, broad view not just wshington scientists.
CDC tracking rules for diagnosis. Does anyone know of it? Is it real? Will it change with the new protocols from LDA?

It says it is part of public law 107-116 signed on 1/10/02. Departments of labor, Health and human services, and education, and related agencies appropriation act 2002. Of course, it just ASKS them to do these things- not make sure they get done!