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Re: OK heres the letter about Lyme's

HI, I just woke up. I'll be happy to check on this far it looks good...I think my own personal gut feeling is I'd rather use Darryl Hall as an example rather then bush. See, at least with bush there is no timeline when you could seethe difference between his obvious state of impairment....Since in my opinion, he has always been mentally impaired...sorry.

But with Daryl Hall, he has a lot to say about the illness and will make the time to get involved with us I think.

Again, thanks for your efforts, I like what you have here and would like to help..I'll check in later.

(Also, from what I understand Daryl Hall suffered more of what we are suffering with, infection, no idea was wrong with him, no rash, no treatment, for a significant period of no treament, and chronic conditions with co infections.)

Sadly, I think people have less respect for Bush then they would a person like Daryl Hall. I know he was was infected years ago and just did an interview this month about I know he was struggling for a very long time....they told him it was the "sumer flu." Threre is a segment on his web site about his experience....segment number II.