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Re: OK heres the letter about Lyme's

Good idea. Only reason I used Bush as an example is b/c I was planning on sending this letter to my state specific government officials. I figured they'd know about Bush before they'd know about a celebrity having Lyme's.

I think Darryl Hall is a good example...especially seeing how he's had recent exposure on Fox News. Problem is, I've never heard of Darryl Hall before. I did some research and found that he has wrote a ton of songs (some of them I really like). I figured if I'm 28 and didn't know who he was, I'm sure a middle aged congressman would have no clue. Who knows, maybe I don't have a clue!

Depending on the party the letter is being sent to, we can always customize it w/ different examples of people who are well known and have Lyme's.