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Re: question please answer it would mean a lot


An "amnesiac delusional dream state" is usually caused my medications or a combination of medications, or so it was in my case. It's where you do something in your sleep that you totally think is real but you don't feel or have no sense of doing in real time. For me I dreamed that someone was attacking me with a knife and in reality I was cutting my arm repeatedly to the point of needing 26 stitches. I never felt anything or realized what I was doing. I've had 2 of these episodes, the second requiring 6 stitches. I am listed as being disinbitited by my pdoc and tdoc and have to be very careful of situations that put me at risk of harming myself without my active knowledge, i.e. no sharp objects in my room or anywhere close to where I sleep.

As for being in the psych ward, I was there for a suicide attempt, due to my BiPolar depression, not for cutting. And yes it is very scaring and for me caused a lot of anxiety and stress and anger. All of the things that generally make me want to self harm, so it was like I really had the urge to do so, but had someone watching me 24 hours a day, so I couldn't, and the fact that I was being forced not to made the urges it was a pretty bad situation.