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Re: I can't do TODAY

Hi Littlesadone,

yes I have days like that - sometimes more than I think I can stand, sometimes I just have to let them pass by and curl up and try and be kind to myself - allow myself the time to ... maybe some times I just have to feel bad .... let it wash over me so I can get out of it - but I know its hard - and if im working I tend to keep myself away from others as much as possible - I know this is the wrong thing for me - I need to be with others to help me get out of this but it goes against how I feel - so I keep apart as much as possible until it passed.

I had one therapist who told me to ring him the next time it happened and I did - that was so hard - just picking up the phone and dialling - I actually hung up on him a couple of times and then sat there with the phone unable to say anything other than my name - but he was able to help me there and then - is this a possibility for you? I miss the clarity he brought to my situation.

I hope that things are improving for you - each time you overcome the fear of leaving home you become a little stronger - try to remind yourself of the things you have achieved so far -- let us know how you are going MBC
Be safe, be well, be happy


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