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Re: Washing Machine from HELL!!!

Originally Posted by Machaon View Post
I am going to build a structure for a doorway that I can use, with another tarp, to create a safe room, to stay in during laundry time.
I placed another identical tarp in my computer room. In a short time, there were tell-tale signs of a "reaction", such as a fullness in my chest, breathing becoming a bit more labored, feeling tired, and my heart "thudding" slower and more labored in my chest.

I removed the tarp and symptoms improved. It begs the question, why can I have a tarp in the other room, and not react to it, but I can't have the washing machine ANYWHERE in my home, without a severe reaction, unless covered up 100% by the same tarp that offends me when it is in the same room!?

This is what is maddening about having MCS, Allergies and Heart Failure. Could I be reacting allergically to the tarp, but chemically to the Washing Machine?

Or is it that there are different levels of chemically sensitive reactions?

With Heart Failure, the immune system over-reacts to sometimes innocuous triggers. That just adds to the complexity of my health problems.

What I do know is, the longer I would keep the tarp in my room, or the washing machine exposed, the sicker I would get.

Oh well, after over 20 years of heart failure, high blood pressure, asthma, MCS, Immune System Dysfunction, Persistent Atrial Fibrillation and Insulin Resistance, I am very fortunate to, not only be alive, but also have a decent quality of life. Must always look at the glass being half full in order to maintain one's sanity.
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