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Re: left sphenoid sinus chronically infected

Hi gcsmithjr,
You have a lot of knowledge I see about sinus's. Thank you for your suggestions

I have to clarify what they wrote on the two separate scans that took place two years from each other.
The 1st scan-2004, which was a CT scan said that they saw fluid involving the sphenoid sinus on the left, presumably inflammatory in etiology. My PCP doc didn't say to treat it. I went for the CAT scan for a totally different reason other than to check my sinus's.

2nd scan- 2006, which was an MRI, performed on the brain for lesions said that the MRI of the brain: normal study- chronic Sinusitis on the left sphenoid sinus only exception. Exception being it was the only thing that they found that wasn't normal. My dr hand wrote this on a sheet he sends to his patients regarding their tests.

Once again, my doctor didn't say to treat it.

through out the years I've suffered on and off with sinus headaches and green discharge when my sinus would become unblocked. I did nothing to treat it being my dr. hadn't suggested to do anything about it.
I could normally tolerate the changes that had occured subtly over the years.
But last week was the week that really made me consider doing something about the problem. The pain I suffered through out my skull was horrible. If I hadn't taken an advil for it, I would have gone to the emergency room thinking I was having a possible anyeurism of the brain, that's HOW PAINFUL the headache was. I've only suffered this type of pain in my head when I had suffered an attack of viral meningitis years ago.

so that's when I decided to do some research on my records and never knew what the heck a sphenoid sinus was. I did read that the blood vessels are very small there which means that when this particular sinus is infected, the patient has to take a longer dose of antibiotic to eradicate it since the vessels are small and it has to work it's way through them.

I read that the only time it's considered dangerous is when it spreads to the brain which symptoms could be mood swings, trouble with vision and even coma. BUT only if it's an acute attack, not chronic. They consider acute to be an emergency. Not many people know this because it's very rare that a person GETS acute sinusitis in the sphenoid. That's why they say "it's the forgetten sinus". it's not easy to detect it like the other sinus's, other than imaging studies.

I'm not trying to make a big deal out of my problem or make my problem sound bigger than it is, but when you're the one that's suffering with the excrucable pain and are starting to have problem with vision in the eye and you can't smell things like you used to, then of course i"m not just going to sit back and not question what possiblities there are out there for me to treat it at home rather than running to the doctor who's only going to just put me on an antibiotic.

I can't take anything that will effect my blood pressure because I have hypertension and the last time I took a sudafed, I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't wait for it to wear off. But I will try the other things you mentioned because I've never tried them before. As you can see, I don't really take over the counter medications, so I'm not that familiar with which ones that are safe to take.

I'm also glad you mentioned to me that when I flush out my nose, that it will feel strange... at least I'll know what to expect and not panic. I tend to panic when my nose gets water in it because of not being able to breathe correctly through it. I have a hard time with swimming.

so it's an anti-inflammatory that I mainly need? to get the inflammation down enough to open the sinus so it can drain.

At least I know what's setting mine off. This way I can learn prevention.

you don't put your hand into a fire twice. right?

enough of my rambling on here, thanks again for your time and for your comments.

best regards,