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Re: Rock and a Hard Place

I am sorry that the people who should have loved and protected you harmed you instead - and you said that your mother was responsible for the persecution but by not intervening your father was equally responsible - and as for hitting you... no-one has the right to beat a child - I am sorry that you had to go through that

are you seeing a therapist?

it sounds like you have been through a lot - because of my childhood I learned to trust no-one and because of that have only had one relationship - which was a mistake - BIG mistake I guess seeing a therapist (psychologist) has helped me start to trust again - has taught me that I am not evil or bad because of what was done to me - that they were just exercising their insecurities and problems onto me and that that is not my fault - the same as when you were a child your mother may have said horrible things - that doesnt mean they are true - you may not have received the love and affection that as a child you needed to grow - but that doesnt mean you are unlovable or hopeless - there is always hope - even on the darkest night - even though it may not seem so and can sometimes be hard to find

well I've waffled on - I hope you are well - and I wish you well with your journey of healing
Be safe, be well, be happy