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Re: I am hurting so bad with my feet

[QUOTE=Precious55;4018514] For the past months I've had really bad burning on the bottoms of both feet, along with my feet looking red. Along with that I have a painful callous on the ball of my foot. I need some ideas I can try. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

I had a problem with my feet being really painful when I got up first thing in the morning - it was almost too painful to actually stand on the soles of my feet! Fortunately, it went away by itself after a few minutes, but it gave me a real fright. From somewhere I had heard about diabetic neuropathy, and I wondered if it was that. I had put on a lot of weight in a short time after giving up smoking and, although I wasn't that bothered about the weight gain because I was so glad not to be a smoker, I began to wonder if the weight gain had caused pre-diabetes and these foot pain symptoms.

At any rate, to cut a long story short, I took this as a warning sign, lost weight and the pain in my feet went.

My questions are therefore (and I hope you don't mind my asking these slightly personal questions):

1) How is your weight? Are you normal weight or do you weigh more than you used to?

2) Are you diabetic? If so, then you need to see a specialist, but I would also look into taking alpha-lipoic acid, which can be taken for diabetic neuropathy. It would be a good idea to have your blood tested for diabetes and then to ask your doc about taking ALA.

Just losing a few pounds got rid of my feet pain.