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Re: Help please

I can think of a couple of arthritic diseases that fit your symptoms. One is Reiter's Syndrome, sometimes called Reactive Arthritis, as it follows an infection like an STD or food poisoning. The other is more rare here in the USA but not that rare in Europe and it's Bechet's Syndrome. Both feature joint pain, eye problems and sores in the mouth as well as a lot of the symptoms you mention. Do some researching and see what you find and if either sounds familiar. Treatment can be as small as ibuprofen in higher does taken regularly to the use of expensive biologic drugs. So get some insurance soon and in the meantime, rest as much as you can. All these auto-immune syndromes that feature arthritis have one thing in common...severe fatigue and the docs recommend at least 10 hours of sleep a day plus. That you can do. If you want to take ibuprofen, take 400mgs, 4 times a day and take it regularly so it builds up the anti-inflammatory effect in your blood. Watch your eyes. If they really start to hurt, see a doc even if you don't have insurance. Don't risk your sight.

So do some on-line research and I'll check in to see what you find. Hang in there...there are lots of us out there with anti-immune disorders and they are treatable and manageable. I have rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome that started in my brain before the joints. They are weird diseases. Took a while to find a drug that helped but now I am pain free and feeling so much better. Sight is back to normal(almost).

gentle hugs...................Jenny