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Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...

Has it ever come to mind that your symthoms dont go away because your so obsessed with the thought that there's something wrong with you that your making your self sick.. Reason I'm telling you this is because I like you worry everyday that I might have a serious illness and I have notice that the more i think about it the more discomfort I feel though out my day with aiches and pains that only go away when i dont think about them at all... you should try hard to focus on other things maybe seek spiritual guidance and say a prayer when u have your guard down.. I've notive that even reading the bible gives me peace and comfort.. If everyday u wake up and the first thing that comes to your mind is that your going to have a headaiche today!! rest assure your going to feel aiches and pains because the mind is a POWEFUL TOOL that sends messages to the body.. and u have to control your thoughts.. trust me if u had anything wrong with you the CT scan would have picked it up... I'm sure there's a part of you that knows that your fears are very much irrational.. BUt from your posting i can tell your very scared and your making your self feel sick.. Trust me there's nothing worng with you.. Stay focus and positive and you will be ok..

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