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vitamin d deficiency

has everyone who has autoimmune problems been tested for vitamin d deficiency?

i'm curious about the relationship between autoimmune and vitamin d deficiency. A lot of people i talk to who have a autoimmune disease and that have tested their Vit D find out they have a vit d deficiency. Vit D deficiency can cause fatigue and pain and other symptoms.

i've suspected that what is going on with me may be auto-immune and I have had a vitamin d deficiency for a couple years now. I don't know why i have a vit d deficiency - i get enough sun and i eat enough foodstuffs with vit d. I will go on 50,000 for 6 weeks and then my Vit D goes into the normal range but then if i test 5 months later my Vit D has dropped down into deficiency levels.

my question is what could be zapping my Vit D. It may be an autoimmune thing.

so has everyone tested their vit d?