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Re: Another hypochondriac with a brain tumor concern...

Well....I can relate to the hypochondria situation.....its good you are seeking answers, sometimes I ask my doctors if some of my "problems" are in my head. After many years of psychological counseling, I am learning to respect my own mind. I have been hit by a car 3 seperate times, and to regain and retain my sanity I began researching my condition as well as following my doctors advice. I had hypochondria in my early childhood years from lack of attention from my mother...I realize. When I decided I wanted to be well, I got well. Later in my life, when I survived a terrible accident which I had to have invasive reconstructive surgery and really had questions that I got no answer for.....I got thru the days by resting a lot...and doing things I never had time for due to the busyness of life.....I had to find things I was naturally good at and that gave me joy. That was a huge relief to allow myself to do things that made me happy....painting, how to interact with people. Finding things that did not make me feel threatened....and sometimes it seems I still have to depersonalize. Like, step outside my self to look at a problem I could not solve....and sometimes even having out of body experiences while I slept. As I continued to seek wellness....answers to my questions just started to come. Persist in good thoughts.