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Re: Looking for input from outsiders....

I just read your post and I agree with everyone about setting boundaries, showing respect for yourself and your children and not allowing this man to be a victim anymore. He needs to take responsibility and allow you to be all you can become. You have a giving heart and have done a lot for him and he should show respect and appreciation. I was married to someone who was controlling and didn't respect my giving spirit and then I had three sons and I couldn't take his critical spirit and controlling nature and I got away from him. Unfortunately, I didn't have a good job and he did and I had to give my children to him after a year of trying. Do what is right for you and your children and ask for help from social services, find employment and find yourself again. I was worried if I left my husband no one would take care of him but the next day he had another woman in his life and many others after taking care of all his needs. You also need friends, family and good support to help you choose another way to live. You can do it and you and your children can hold your heads up high and go forward. Take care and God bless you.