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Unhappy hidradenitis-suppurativa

Hi! I was wondering If anyone here has had this and might could answer a couple of questions. This is the first time I've ever had this. I had 2 lumps under my left armpit. One was pretty small and been there for awhile but, never grew. Then I got a huge one under that one where your lymph nodes are. It grew pretty big. Then it started draining. I let it go for a couple of weeks. I figured it would go away. When it just kept draining and was so painful I finally went to the Dr on June 19th. He lanced them and packed them. I had a 99 fever that day. He also gave me 10 days of Bactrim 800 mgs for 10 days, with 1 refill. Dr had me go to the ER on June 22nd to have the packing removed. The Dr there said the wounds looked very good, took the packing out. That day my fever was up to 101. They put a bandage back on because the big lump was still draining. Told me just to stay on the antibiotics. It's been almost 2 weeks and it is still draining yellow stuff. When I change the bandage, it doesn't look like the wounds are infected, just still draining. Today I just started on the second round of 10 day antibiotics. My question is, has anyone ever had one cut, drained and packed? Is going on 2 weeks normal for the yellow drainage to still be coming out? I'm really worried because I have never had this before. I am also a diabetic but controlled with diet but, my blood sugars hasn't been very good in control lately. Is 2 weeks too long for it to still be draining? Should I be worried? Thank you for any help!!!