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Bipolar person holding towel to side of face

I accidentally put this on bipolar board, sorry. Putting it on caregiver board now. Have male relative who is acting very odd. Holding towel to side of face when sitting when relatives, antisocial, racing speech, can not be understood verbally in person or on phone, can't write anymore (handwriting looks like small ant tracks). They lost everything, job, nice house, income, possessions, kids, etc. Living with relatives like recluse. No medical insurance, no unemployment, no disability in sight. They got him into county indigent MHMR program, bipolar meds not working for 1 year. Hands shake. Drives to kids events, but does not speak to them. Can type on computer though. Had met lady friend through matchmaker site. Manipulative. Recently stopped meds due to new romance? Has anyone seen anything like this (the towel on side of face, unintellible speech, unable to write?) Relative has been tested for brain tumor, parkinsons, stroke, ms, etc...all negative.