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Is there such a thing as a mild flu?

Earlier this week, about 3 days ago, I started having a horrible backache. Smack dab in the middle and lower back - I didn't strain it or pull a muscle - just a horrible ACHE, so much so even the skin is sensitive.

Well this morning, after having a horrible nights sleep, I realized I felt feverish - took it and it's 99.4 and I STILL ache all over but mostly in my back area and that's when it hit me - this feels like the flu.

I've had the flu before and I realize the flu hits suddenly and with a high fever. So I'm not so sure. No other symptoms really, just feeling crappy, TIRED, achey and now feverish.

I initially thought I had over down my work outs on Monday and Tuesday here in the Texas heat - since the acheing started Wed. night.

I don't know...any thoughts? I'm just miserable right now. I've never had my SKIN actually be sensitive when my back ached.

Someone chime in and tell you experienced the same thing.