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Re: Costochondritis/Inflammation/blood test question…

Hi Stabevrian....I've battled costochondritis for about 30 years. It comes and goes and has slowly involved my entire rib cage. I have both primary OA(osteoarthritis) and primary RA(rheumatoid arthritis) with secondary Sjogren's Syndrome and secondary gout. If it can get arthritis, I've got it.

Costochondritis can occur not just from inflammation but from injury. Have you had anything hit that area? That would not raise the inflammatory markers.

But even if it is from inflammation, it may be too early to find inflammatory markers in your blood. And there are inflammatory disorders whose main blood feature is that there are no positive markers at all!

One of the things that needs to be explained is the word "inflammation". Anything on your body that is swollen and red and even warm or hot but not infected, is called inflamed. But inflammatory markers are used to find diseases that are inflaming the body through a disorder of the immune system. So your rib cage may be inflamed but the cause may not be an inflammatory disorder but injury or just a bad spot on the ribs that got inflamed.

So no inflammatory markers may just mean it's an isolated case of rib inflammation and will go way but you don't have a disease causing it.

Only time will tell.

good luck and keep us informed...........Jenny