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Re: Buccal Mucosa Graft Surgery (forming Scabs/ Meatus)

Originally Posted by paulys View Post
I think yours sounds a different thing to me. I only had the one stage so the glands are not left open. These scabs I have have formed literally around the meatus when the catheter was taken out. I hope it is just the wound healing. It does not hurt and besides that it seems to be ok. My doctor just told me it was nothing to worry about and the blood thing has stopped now.
You are right though it would be nice to know what to expect or for the doctors to tell you the stages you will go through. The internet does not have a huge amount of info either.
I hope you sort things out. The doctor I went with is A R Mundy. I think he is pretty high up in this field. As far as I know anyway.
My wife is now pregnant so there is still hope. And it is amazing how encouraging she is. I am sure your wife only wants the best for you. When you think of how many of us with the same issues there are out there, it certainly makes me feel a little better. I know how you feel though it does not do a huge amount for the ego. Still I would rather get this sorted now than later.
I hope you get some positive news soon
thanks for the reply.
Yes, if you have no Buccal Mucosa exposed around the meatus and the scabs are not on this then it is not the same thing. My wife has been great also the problems are really just me and how I feel about it. When you feel disgusted at the sight of yourself it is hard to want sex even when your wife still does.

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