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Oral thrush refuses to go away... please help!

I believe I had thrush since almost 2 years ago when I go my tounge pierced, it got infected, or I got from over use of listerine while I was healing from it...well since im a guy I ignored it til april of this year when I have a HIV scare...Well I have tested neg every single month since then with one blood test, and one finger stick rapid test and the rest all rapid test... all are negative! so I should be the clear for that...My question is why hasnt it gone away!? Ive been on lozenes, nystatin, difucon NO PROGRESS~! The diflucin worked when I was on the load dose and when I went down to the normal daily dose it came back while i was on the medication!!! then tried another course of it and no im totally immune to that form of medcation! Im at wits end and hope to see a doctor soon for another opinion...Did i just wait to long and need some sort of STRONG meds? I feel sompletely fine other that this

But when U have constant dry mouth and it flares up and looks horrible sometime it enough to scare the scrap outta u! any advice or has anyone had this problem before?