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Re: my wife likely to diagnose with lyme..?


So sorry to hear. Unfortunately, this tends to be "par for the course".

As has been said previously, I wouldn't even fool around with Mayo Clinic. They are premier generally, but Igenex is the only place you're going to get accurate Lyme information. Then again, tests for Lyme are not reliable, even at Igenex. I understand everyone wants a test to prove that they have (or don't have) Lyme, but Lyme just doesn't fall into that category.

You said you had found an LLMD. Hopefully by now they have contacted you. If so, they can (and probably will) send her blood to Igenex while they are evaluating her symptoms.

Maybe it's really all for the best that there was a "mix up" with sending to Mayo (since they are not considered a Lyme resource). Just my take.

I hope for you a lessening of frustration from here on. Let us know how it goes.