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Re: September Mommies!

Had u/s #2 today and saw TWO heartbeats! One is still measuring a little smaller and heartbeat wasn't as strong, so could still face vanishing twin syndrome. But, "Tiny", as DH and I have started calling the smaller one, may still catch up. I just really wish we a first time mom, I feel like I have so much to do to prepare. And if it's two, well then there's just that much more to do! Still feeling pretty good, but feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for the morning sickness to start (while crossing my fingers that I don't get it!). Also feeling a litte less bloated this week (hope that's not TMI)...last week I really thought I was going to have to switch to maternity pants at 6 weeks. All my pants were SO tight. But, they're all fitting better this week, so hopefully can hold off on the maternity clothes for another month or two. When did you have to switch to maternity clothes with your first?

Kitten, we told our families last week, too. I have told 2 close friends but plan to wait until 12-14 weeks to tell everybody else, including work. However, I'm getting nervous that if both twins "take" I may show earlier and will be forced to fess up sooner.

Ames, have you told anyone yet?

Hope you ladies are still feeling good. Looking forward to more updates from both of you!
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