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Re: enzymes...any experience out there?


I would go with your Naturopath suggestions. I take herbs and or vitamins, as needed, for specific issues. I would much rather do this than drugs that have many side effects. I'm also sensitive to potions so I do a lot of research prior to starting something new. Listen to your body and what it's telling you.

Like you, I take probiotics and am on adrenal support and also use Chinese medicine for various things. All good stuff! Magnesium supplementation can be very important. Many people are mag deficient and don't know it. As for a general enzyme, it sounds as he/she is trying to strengthen your immune system. If you feel it isn't right for you just let him know right away so that he can make adjustments. But generally, enzyme therapy is not harsh.

I do not think Acupuncture is useless. I have used it throughout the years for many different issues and it has mostly helped. Acupuncture as well as Chinese medicine is more subtle than drugs, for sure, but this doesn't mean they are not effective.

The key for optimum health is balance. I think your working with a Naturopath is a good start to achieve this.

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