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Re: penis foreskin problem

You are welcome. I really hope you are able to figure this out. Although tight frenulums occur, I have not heard of one so tight that it keeps the foreskin from retracting at all. It may be possible but I do not remember reading about it. In general, a tight frenulum will cause the glans (head of the penis) to move down as it is pulled back by the frenulum. Since the foreskin stretches so much, the frenulum does not usually have the ability to hold everything there tightly. If you do think that something besides a small opening in the foreskin is holding everything in place, there is a possibility that the skin did not completely release from the glans when you were a child.

As we are born, the foreskin is directly attached to the glans. Sometime in early childhood, the two tissues separate and allow the foreskin to move freely. In some cases, this does not happen without a doctor assisting it. This is usually caught earlier but it is still a possibility for you.

Once again though, phimosis is the most common cause of what you are complaining of so I would start reading about that first.

Good luck to you.