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Re: rotator cuff surgery coming up

I had my right shoulder done 5 years ago and had the end of the collarbone taken off at the same time(distal clavicle excision). Except for the problems of not being able to use my right arm, I don't think I took anything more than Tylenol for pain. When it's done arthroscopically, it is virtually painless.

Have some food ready and in the freezer so all you have to do is pop food in the microwave. I got lots of food that is "finger friendly" so I didn't have to use any utensils.Try ahead of time doing things one handed. Especially see how hard it will be to do things that are very personal wipe. That way you can see if you'll benefit from stuff like wet wipe towelettes.

If you share a bed with someone, you may want to kick them out for a week or 2 as you take up lots of room with the sling on all night. Get extra pillows. Expect to have trouble sleeping until you get used to the sling(bigger problem than pain for sure).

Just let yourself imagine a one handed world and you'll see what you need to alter for the couple of weeks you can't use your arm. Mind you, I'm assuming your doc does the preferred rehab of no movement for a couple of weeks. Some still have you using your arm right away and that can weaken the tendons. I see them in PT and know they will be back with a re-tear. Whatever you do, try not to use the arm for at least the first 2 weeks.

good luck...................Jenny