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Question about doctors and pain meds

Hi everybody!
I've gotten to the point where I am seriously considering asking for pain meds. I've tried really hard to grin and bear it, and I've found other non-medicinal ways to deal with the pain, but I've spent four nights in the past week curled up on the couch crying and shaking from the pain. I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet and found some percocet from when I had torticollis last year (and for the record, I'd rather deal with fibro than go through that again. That was the worst pain I've ever had in my life, bar none.) I was so desperate for relief last night that I took one, and it took the edge off to where I could function. So now I'm considering asking for something like that in case I need it. But I'm a little confused about how to go about doing that. Now that I have a rheumy, should I ask him? Or is that something I should go to my family doctor for? I could get in to my family doc easier than I could my rheumy; plus I would have to drive for an hour to see the rheumy, but my GP is just down the street.
I'm feeling a little torn about this whole thing. Some people in my family are very dead-set against pain killers, and they've drilled it into my head since I was little that "if you were strong enough, you wouldn't need to take pain meds." Plus there's the little voice that says "you look like an addict, asking for medication is a sure sign of an addict." I know all of this isn't true, but it's all swirling around in my head, you know what I mean? It's a hard decision for me. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.


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