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Re: Cervical Fusion Surgery???

Surgery to relieve numbness has a much greater success rate than surgery to relieve pain from neck problems. Once you are into the numbness stage, the next stage is paralysis and you don't want that.

I post a lot on the Spinal Cord Disorders board and we have several people there who are having or have had neck surgery(ACDF's especially) and I have found that reading their recovery posts helps a lot. Might want to check it out. I don't have an ACDF(assuming that is what you'll have) so I can't tell you what to expect.

But from your MRI, it sounds as if you have a lot of nerve and spinal cord compression and not only do your risk paralysis in your arms, but if left untouched, could lead to paralysis from your waist down as well. Compression of the spinal cord can lead to massive paralysis from that level down if not stopped. And at C5-6, you're looking at waist down and hands and wrists.

Good luck and hugs............Jenny(fused from C3 to T1)

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