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So what can we do to help him increase sensitivity with a condom?

Hey everyone. I have a boyfriend and we are probably going to be sexually active very soon since we just got back together after being apart for about a month. Anyway, I have an IUD so I am not that worried about pregnancy... maybe slightly but not very much so. Also, I am not worried about STDs. However, just to be safe, I am wanting him and I to use a condom from now on to protect against any possibility of pregnancy. Unfortunately, when we tried condoms in the past, he complained that he couldn't feel anything. I really feel sorry for him. He simply could not orgasm as long as he had the condom on. Eventually he would have to take it off. Thankfully, I was on birth control (Depo Provera at the time) and so we didn't have too much to worry about as far as pregnancy goes. We did not ever use any extra lube when we used a condom. Could that have contributed to his lack of sensation? We were using Trojan Magnum condoms.

Anyway, I had a thread from a couple of years ago about this but it was locked or I would have simply posted in it. What can you suggest that we do? Are there any stimulating lubricants and such that he can use? All I can find online are lubricants and such that delay orgasm which we definitely do not want to do.

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