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Re: My BP Numbers. Lexapro, Androgel, too much Coffee Causing my High BP?

Originally Posted by jonphotog View Post
Here are my last numbers:
154/85 66
138.84 66
147/85 63
124/84 58
141/86 57
123/87 49
148/89 55
150/92 53
144/84 59
128/81 56
Your diastolic would be in a more healthy range down below 80. When during the day do you normally take your readings?

When I was in the doctors office last week I had Tachardia and rapid heart beats over 110 BPM during an EKG and my BP was spiking high. He believes this is anxiety related because I recently stopped taking my lexapro. Also that day of the EKG I drank 6 espressos! Which I no longer do, lol
Blood Pressure and Heart Rhythm medications usually try to block or inhibit hormones, hormones which the body produces after drinking espresso, or caffeinated coffee or tea. So...... tis not too much of a surprise that blood pressure and heart rate is higher after drinking espresso.

I suffer with anxiety and panic.
If I consumed the amount of caffeine that you do, I would also be climbing the walls.

When I am in my office working, on the phones, in meeting etc I notice the bottom number can often times be 90 to 95.
Along with many other things, stress can raise the blood pressure.

I am also awaitting for Hibiscus Tea to arrive in the mail.
Is it decaf? I have drank quite a few decaf teas and decaf coffees every day, for many years. It may take some shopping around to find good quality hibiscus teas that are also decaffeinated. I have serious heart disease, so I MUST drink decaf!

Best of luck with your health and blood pressure!
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