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Re: sexual/control/mental issues ? not sure - please help


Thanks again for your response. My desire to have a somewhat normal life, my freedom / also for the children to just feel comfortable without worrying about stupid things - the feeling that they may ask/say something without having to worry that someone will bite their head off -is what keeps me going everyday.

Lastnight, I found a site that has info on where to go for some help-- I never would have thought to look there - TY Teri - It's local- I'll be calling today to see what they have to offer us. And Sas- I know it will be tough for some time to come, but like you said " We're all worth it !" I just have to deal with his relentless comments b/c he can feel that things aren't going in his direction. And believe me, if I sense that he is going to become physical with any of us- I will be gone- I'll leave everything (materialistic) behind. The head-games have already started, and for him that's just another way of trying to control me and my actions ( in everything I do ). I'm just going to bite tongue for a bit longer, and pray that all of this is over real soon.

Every time I start to feel like I can't do this, I'm not strong enough to be able to handle all this BS - I come here and reread through all of this. This is like my life line for the time being- it's something that I can go back to and get some comfort for me- to be able to keep pushing on. It's absolutely unbelievable when you think about it- We are total strangers ( all of us ) yet I seriously look for and ACCEPT/APPRECIATE ( with open arms )your opinions and guidance in this dark world I'm living in. Maybe the fact that we are STRANGERS is why this helps so much- we have nothing to benefit from giving/receiving advise- we're not bias. There is a benefit though- the joy that comes from helping another human being and the feelings that comes along with that or in my case the indescribable feeling of hope/compassion I get from reading all responses to me- that no matter what - I know there are ppl that care out there & understand what it is I'm going through, that only want the best for me and my children. You guys best !!!!!!!! TY again

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